The combined quantitative and qualitative research gives a full and true picture of the consumer-customer-employee



We have carried out hundreds of research projects both on the Polish and international market.


For many years we have been collecting and processing survey data, so our knowledge of CX and EX areas is constantly expanding.


We know that our customers face new challenges every day, so we do not throw additional logs under feet during the cooperation.


We know that everyone is talking about it, so do we. 😊 For each member of our team, an individual approach to our clients’ needs is a priority.

Experience Institute is a single body where every day the perspectives of quantitative and qualitative researchers meet, while helping to solve our clients’ business problems.


years of experience


completed research projects


team members who changed jobs but… came back to us


public publications (books, articles, reports)


Because not only we do ad-hoc quantitative and qualitative research, cyclic surveys of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction and engagement, but more importantly: we create knowledge and share it to help companies understand people.

We publish reports from our own internal research. On the basis of many years of research we have created a typology of employees, which we use as an analytical tool (The diagram beside is an illustration of it ).

You can learn more about employee typology by writing to us. We would be happy to send you our free studies. You can also find out more about the Employees’ Pover Survey® typology at and in the book by our experts and researchers „From Locomotives to Lost – what types of employees we have and how to deal with them”. (published in January 2020).


Our clients are companies operating on the Polish market, as well as those with international reach.


Michał Łysik

Director of Research and Sales

He loves to travel, and one of his favourite destinations in London is the West End. He can absorb musical content for hours there 🙂

At work he co-creates new solutions for clients and develops existing products.

Ewelina Kapusta

Key Account Manager

In daily work, the master of direct selling. After work, the mother of Iga and Martyna, who present her with new challenges every day. She loves marketing research projects, both quantitative and qualitative. She is also responsible for certification projects.

Błażej Małecki

Project coordinator

In free time he likes playing beach volleyball and spending time outdoors during weekend trips. At work he is responsible for working with clients and coordinating research projects.

Anna Szymczak

Research Project Manager

One of her biggest concerns is the fact that during her life she will not be able to read all the books she would like 🙂 At work, she supports everyone with her knowledge of HR research and customer satisfaction surveys. She has over 8 years of experience in HR research and consulting.

Katarzyna Deleżuch

Research Project Manager

An economist by education, a qualitative researcher by calling, a passionate surfer. You can look for her anywhere, with a high probability in one of three places: at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Warsaw (an everlasting student), in the home of strangers (as a researcher, explorer of insights), or… on a wave of the Atlantic Ocean surfing on a board.

Grzegorz Samonek

Research Project Manager

A fan of board games and video games, for which he is starting to lack space in his apartment. Apart from games, he loves everything connected with the Far East – from the kitchen, through (pop)culture, to the delightful nature. In the meantime, he carries out quantitative and qualitative research 🙂 He believes that only the combination of both methods gives a complete picture of the problem.


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